Meet Courtney, Senior Director for the Mobile USO Program

Courtney Sweeney:

How long have you been with the Mobile USO Program?

12 years with the Mobile - 14 years with the USO

What is your favorite part about being the Senior Director for the Mobile USO Program?

Getting to work with our amazing team of operators who deliver USO Programs and Services where they are needed most to service members across the US.

What is your favorite city the Mobile USO Program has sent you?


What is the most memorable event with the USO and why?

It’s a tie between my time spent in Kuwait/Qatar and anything Hurricane support related. Being somewhere where service members don’t expect to see you willingly show up to support them in a time of need is where our impact is felt the most.

Tell us one fun fact about yourself.

I come by my love for the USO Mission honestly - my aunt oversees the USO of South Carolina operations!

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