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The Mobile USO program was created in 2005 in response to Hurricane Katrina. The USO wanted to have a rapid response unit that could quickly deploy alongside military personnel supporting disaster relief. Over the years, the Mobile USO program has evolved to support disaster relief, annual trainings, pre-deployment trainings, inaugurations, and a variety of other events around the country.

The purpose of the Mobile USO is to take the services of the USO out on the road to service members & their families in areas of the country where there are not USO centers. Mobile USOs often work in partnership with other USO Centers and conduct USO Outreach across the US.

The Mobile USO provides a comfortable place for men and women in uniform to relax and connect online with family and friends during downtime. Each Mobile USO offers large screen televisions, video game consoles, Wi-Fi access, casual seating, coffee makers and microwaves.

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