Meet The West Coast Mobile Team

Adriana Fink:

What is your favorite military memory?

During my time as a Center Manager in Germany, I had the opportunity to travel across Poland delivering our USO mission. Providing that bit of respite to service members who were forward deployed at a moment’s notice was super rewarding. We hosted super fun gaming tournaments and delivered unique trivia nights. Seeing the service members’ faces light up when they saw the USO was there to provide amazing programs was awesome! That feeling never gets old!

What is your favorite military base?

Being a military spouse comes with frequent moving, and I love seeing new places. To this day, my favorite base is Smith Barracks, Baumholder, Germany. It’s a small tight-knit community, rich in history, and centrally located to travel around Europe. It was slightly isolated, which made our USO Mission delivery there rather impactful.

What is your favorite city the Mobile USO Program has sent you?

San Francisco will remain at the top of my list for years to come! I had the chance to travel there for Fleet Week and create a USO Lounge for the Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard service members to enjoy at the pier. It was electrifying meeting so many service members and providing a relaxing, fun space for them. Having the Thunderbirds and city scape in the background were the cherry on top of a fun week!

What is the most memorable event with the USO and why?

Nothing wraps up the summer season like a USO Block Party, and while stationed overseas, a Block Party feels like a little taste of home! Throwing our annual themed block parties in September outside our center in Baumholder was a great way to engage with our community, strengthen their connection to home and country, and truly celebrate!

Tell us one fun fact about yourself.

I’ve lived in three different countries-Mexico, USA, Germany!

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